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What color is your parachute?

One of the most important criteria when selecting a host is the 'the parachute' ie. your support team. If your team does not know their stuff then you're on your own. When you see hosting companies offering Java hosting plans don't assume you'll also be getting support for java. Java hosting is quite specialized and it's not something your average system admin will have experience with. We on the other hand specialize in Java hosting. We have been hosting Java since 2003. In human years that'd be something like 80 years :)

There's little we haven't seen when it comes to java issues and troubleshooting. A good team will save you hours of researching and banging your head against the wall when you run into problems.

When you signup with us you're not just buying a java hosting plan. You're also selecting a team of Java programmers and system admin's specially trained to handle Java hosting!

3500+ Java developers are hosted on our servers, from those in training and experimental stages to very advanced users.

The best thing is, your expert support team is already included in the price of hosting!

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