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Servers & Network

#1 Server Configuration for Java App's

Dell's Intel Dual Harpertown E5405 with 4 hard drives and 16GB RAM.

Java applications require alot of RAM and quickly suck up server's resources which is why most hosts don't want to get into J2EE hosting. We realized that if you're gonna do Java hosting (and do it well) you gotta invest in strong servers that can handle Java without hick-ups. So our servers hardware and configuration was designed specifically with Java in mind. Intel has also confirmed in a study last year that this series processors are the top of the line when it comes to handling Java application.

Also included...


The top-level RAID (hardware) protection with mirrored sets in a striped set (minimum 4 hard drives) which provides fault tolerance and improved performance. In case of one of the hard drives crashing RAID 10 will be invaluable.

Daily backups of website's and entire systems

All website's and data is being backed up daily to ensure no data is ever lost due to human error (some accidentally overwriting data) or other unforeseen situations.

24x7 server and network monitoring

We're running automatic server checks on all our servers every 5minutes around the clock. As soon as problem is spotted we're notified via sms notification system.

SMS Alerts

We get alerts via SMS when the server is experiencing problems so our technicians can get onto fixing the issue straight away without delays.

Ultra fast links

Our servers are on 4 x 155Mb link backed by 4 major backbone providers to ensure optimal speed and reliability of your site.

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