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How to connect by using TightVNC to your VPS Remote Desktop

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VNC stands for Virtual Network Computing which gives you remote graphical desktop access to your VPS server. Before using JSP Zone`s VNC there are few important steps which need to be done first.

  • Setting up VNC Server Password (on VPS)
  • Installing VNC Client (VNC viewer)

Login into your server as root (via ssh) and on shell prompt type: vncpasswd
After you have selected the password, start VNC server with command: vncserver :1 -geometry 1024x768
JspZone by default installs Gnome as default desktop environment.

Now go to TightVNC website and download TightVNC viewer. Install the TightVNC viewer and run it. New window will pop up:

New TightVNC Connection

In VNC Server field, please type your IP address following with :1 (screen number) and click on Connect. If everything is setup correctly and there is no firewall issues, you will get password prompt. Type in the password and enjoy using Gnome Remote Desktop.

If you prefer to use KDE remote desktop on vps hosting plan, then you will need to modify in /root/.vnc/ file named: xstartup

Comment out line: gnome-session & and add line below: startkde &

Then stop VNCServer by writing on shell prompt: vncserver -kill :1 - when vncserver is shutdown retype:
vncserver :1 -geometry 1024x768 - to start vnc server again.

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