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Mail Server setup on JSP Zone`s VPS server is very easy. We have already installed mail server for you, everything is set properly the only thing which needs to be done is to:

  • Start mail server services
  • Create mail accounts

Starting mail server services

Log into the server via SSH and on command prompt (shell) type:

services postfix start
services dovecot start

Now postfix`s sendmail is started on smtp port 25 and pop3 & imap on port 110 and port 143.

We want to make sure in case you decide to reboot vps server that mail server is started again automatically, for that we type:

chkconfig postfix on
chkconfig dovecot on

Everything is done now, mail server is up & running (smtp port 25, pop3 port 110, imap port 143).

Starting dovecot and postfix service

Adding mail accounts

Example: At VPS command prompt (shell) we want to add email account "sales" / - you need to type following:

useradd -s /bin/bash sales
passwd sales

At command "passwd sales" - You will be prompted to set password for that account. That password you will use for Windows Mail, Outlook Express or Webmail access (

Adding users and setting passwords

Choose secure passwords, (9 characters minimum) to make sure chosen passwords are secure enough to prevent intrusion.

Things to avoid: dictionary words / names. Do not use the same password you use somewhere else.

Sample of Bad/Weak/Insecure password samples which guaranties you that your server will get hacked:

  • User: sales - Password: sales
  • User: info - Password: info
  • User: test - Password: test
  • User: test - Password: test123
  • User: mark - Password: mark234

As you can see having your own Mail server at JSPZone`s VPS is very very easy.

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