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JBossAt JSPZone you have two choices of JBoss servers for installation. We made our custom - well tuned JBoss rpm for our VPS hosting customers. Currently we offer JBoss 4.2.3 and JBoss 5.0.

Installation of JBoss Server on Linux VPS with Yum

Log into your VPS account via SSH, and on command prompt type:

yum list | grep -i jboss

Yum will list now for all available JBoss rpm packages and you should get following response:

eroute-jboss4.i386     4.2.3.GA-1      eroute
eroute-jboss5.i386     5.0.0.GA-1      eroute

To install JBoss4 you need to type: yum -y install eroute-jboss4
To install JBoss5 you need to type: yum -y install eroute-jboss5

JBoss server has been successfully installed, everything is configured, only thing left is to start the server.

If you have installed JBoss4 type: service jboss4 start
or for JBoss5 server type: service jboss5 start

Now open your browser and go to: http://youripaddress:8080/ or http://yourdomain.com:8080/ and you should see JBoss welcome screen. As you can see our unique JBoss hosting rpm installation is very easy and there is no need to spend extra time doing post configuring of JBoss.

If you decide to remove JBoss installation, its also very simple!

For JBoss4 type: rpm -e eroute-jboss4
For JBoss5 type: rpm -e eroute-jboss5

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