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Specifying a JBoss Server Configuration

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JBossJBoss provides several configurations that range from a bare bones server with no J2EE capabilities to a super server with more services than any single application could possibly use.

There are three JBoss configurations available:

  • minimal
  • default
  • all

Minimal JBoss configuration

This configuration provides the bare services you might need in the simplest application: JNDI naming services, logging, and URL deployment scanning. You'd use this setup in tight memory situations, or when you want to use JMX to control exactly which MBeans are loaded, and when and how they are loaded. This configuration doesn't provide support for EJB's, web applications, JMS, or any other high-level services.

Default JBoss configuration

This is a lightweight J2EE configuration; it's the one most people use. Most common J2EE options are included into this configuration, but it doesn't include IIOP, JAXR, or clustering. These services can be added easily to this configuration. Our JBoss hosting rpm package uses "default" configuration.

ALL JBoss configuration

This configuration includes everything in server. If your services are not defined in default configuration, this configuration will have it for sure. Please note that this configuration requires big amount of RAM and if your VPS server has less then 1GB this configuration will fail to start.

Changing JBoss server configuration on VPS

Since our JBoss rpm comes with pre-defined 'default' configuration and if you want to change it to 'minimal' or 'all' you need to modify following:

For JBoss4 - edit filename: /etc/init.d/jboss4
For JBoss5 - edit filename: /etc/init.d/jboss5

Search for line: "JBOSS_CONF=${JBOSS_CONF:-"default"}"

Change "default" into your desired configuration and save changes. Next step is to restart JBoss on VPS server with command:

service jboss4 restart


service jboss5 restart

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