Tomcat JSP Hosting

Easy to manage Private JVM hosting plans with Ensim Pro X control panel

Private JVM hosting plans

We have prepared preinstalled and easy to manage Tomcat hosting plan with private JVM.

With control panel and ability to restart your own Java server these plans are just the right fit for developers looking for easy to manage Java hosting solution.

Hosting Plan Private JVM
Private JVM
JVM Tomcat 4
Tomcat 5
Tomcat 6
Tomcat 4
Tomcat 5
Tomcat 6
JVM (Tomcat) Private Private
Host Server Shared Shared
Monthly Price $26.99 $34.99
Yearly Discount 20% 20%
RAM 64 MB 128 MB
Disk Space 5 GB 10 GB
Bandwidth 50 GB 100 GB
Subdomains 150 Unlimited
E-mail accounts 150 Unlimited
Java applications
JDK (j2sdk) v1.5 v1.6
Servlets v2.4 v2.5
JSP v2.0 v2.1
Java compailer (javac) Yes Yes
JavaMail Yes Yes
Spring, Hybernate, Struts Yes Yes
JSP<>MySQL connector (JDBC) Yes Yes
SSL (https) Yes Yes
Tomcat Logs Yes Yes
Crontab Yes Yes
MySQL 5.0.45 Yes Yes
PosgreSQL db 8.2 Yes Yes
PHP 5.2 & JSP together Yes Yes
phpMyAdmin / phpPgAdmin Yes Yes
SSH Yes Yes
Control Panel Ensim ProX Yes Yes
Tomcat Manager Yes Yes
Tomcat Features
Restart your own Tomcat Yes Yes
Modify your Tomcat cofig (server.xml) Yes Yes
Multiple .war file deployment Yes Yes
Other Features
24/7 Tech Support FREE
5h Account Activation YES
Money Back Guarantee 30 Days

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Additional Services
RAM $5.00/mo per 32MB
Domain Names $10.00/yr
Extra IP Adresses $5.00/mo
SSL Certificate $93.00
includes SSL Certificate, IP, installation