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GlassFish on VPS

GlassFishGlassfish can be installed on our Advanced VPS web hosting plans, only $56.95/mo. You will gain root access to your VPS server and with it ability to modify your server and Glassfish configuration any way it suits you. With this plan you also get your own dedicated IP address.

Your choice of UK or US based server.

Easy One-Line-Installation Using Our GlassFish RPM Package

Installation of Glassfish on our VPS servers could not be any simpler. Just login to shell prompt and type yum -y install eroute-glassfish. Then simply start GlassFish and you're ready to go.

Hosted on #1 CPU Processor For Java Apps

All VPS hosting accounts are housed on Intel Xeon 2x Quad Core E5405 CPU, rated as #1 processor for Java applications (speed & reliability).

Specialist Java Team Behind You

We have been offering Java hosting solutions since 2003. That's 9 internet years (or something like 80 human years). Our technicians are Java programmers and system admins specially trained in Java. Most of our customers are Java developers. You can rest assured that whenever you run into an issue we've seen it all before and can help you get it fixed fast!

Easily Upgrade As Your Needs Grow

You can add more RAM, disc or whatever extras as your applications' needs grow. Upgrading will not at all effect the running of your server or applications. If your app grows a lot bigger than anticipated we can also sort you out with the dedicated server. Our system admins will handle the entire transfer for you.

This is THE ULTIMATE in GlassFish hosting

  • host Glassfish v2 or v3 on our VPS
  • one-line installation of GlassFish
  • total control and flexibility with root access to your VPS server
  • hosted on #1 processor for Java applications
  • Specialist Java Team on your back and call
  • Easy and free upgrades as your needs go
  • And all that for a small monthly price of $56.95/month

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