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Apache Geronimo on VPS server

Apache Geronimo Hosting

GeronimoApache Geronimo can be installed on our VPS Developer and Advanced VPS Hosting Plans (silver plan does not provide sufficient memory to run Geronimo).

VPS is by far the best server platform as it provides you with ultimate control and flexibility. You'll have root access and you'll be able to configure your VPS and your Geronimo any way you see fit. No other users will ever interfere with the running of your application.

Quick & Simple Installation

Our custom-made RPM package will make Apache Geronimo installation quick and simple.

Simply login to SSH and type: yum -y install eroute-geronimo

This will install apache geronimo for you within seconds. Then just start Geronimo with services geronimo start command and you're on you're all set!

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