Webhosting FAQ

Answers to popular questiosn regarding our services


Private JVM Hosting plans (hosted on shared server)

JAVA, JSP, Servlets:

  • What version of Tomcat are you running
  • Can I deploy my application using a war file?

    Yes, create a war file and name it file.war and place in the root directory of your web space (mainwebsite_html or /var/www/html/ ) The contents will automatically be deployed when the JVM is restarted.
    For more info on Tomcat set up read our Tomcat support section.

  • Do I get my own WEB-INF directory

    Yes, you have your own WEB-INF directory.

  • Can I restart the Tomcat service at any time?

    On a Shared JVM Plan you can't restart Tomcat on your own, you'll need to email us when you need it restarted and we'll do it for you. On all other plans you'll have the ability to restart your own Tomcat.

  • Can I use third-party Java packages?

    Yes, of course! You can install any Java packages of any version you want. All web hosting accounts come with JDBC pre installed. We can also assist in installing popular Java packages. In general, all you need to do is include the JAR file in your lib directory.

  • My applications were developed with Tomcat 3.3. Will they work on your system?

    Applications developed with Windows will work on our servers without a problem. The only difference between our servers and your home is in the path so once you've modified paths everything will work smoothly (ie.here: /home/user/tomcat4/ @home c:\tomcat4\ here: /home/user/tomcat4/webapps/ @home sc:\tomcat4\webapps\.

  • Do you support Cocoon?

    Cocoon is only not supported on Shared JVM Plan.

Applications / Support:

  • Do you support ASP?

    No. At these stage we use only unix system and asp pages are windows based. We are looking at getting some windows servers in the future but, for the time being, these are not available.

  • Do you support Cold Fusion?

    At this time we do not support Cold Fusion.

  • What version of PHP and MySQL are you running?

    We're running PHP v5.2.6 and MySQL v5.0.67.

  • Can I run PHP & JSP's together?

    Yes, you can run any PHP software on the same account as your Java app's. We have AJP connector for Apache to control where the requests will be forwarded to. If it's a JSP page requests are forwarded to tomcat if it's a PHP page requests are forwarded to php-cli and HTML to Apache.

  • How do I create and maintain MySQL database?

    You can create and maintain your MySQL databases through PhpMyAdmin (most popular database administration tool today).

  • Can I add my own CGI scripts?

    Our web servers have the capability to run CGI scripts in your own "cgi-bin" directory. Scripts may be written in Perl and CGI languages.

  • Do you support SSI?


  • How much does an SSL certificate cost?

    Yes we do support SSL. In order to take advantage of the SSL you'll need to install an SSL certificate.
    SSL Certificates (and a unique ip address needed to install the certificate) cost $93.00/year. If you already have an ip address on your account then the cost of SSL Certificate is $60.00.
    You can order SSL Certificate when you order your account or later on.
    The certificate will be installed on your account within 24h.

VPS Hosting Plans (Virtual Private Servers)

  • What is a Virtual Private Server (VPS)?

    VPS is a part of a server computer reserved for each user separately. Each VPS user owns separate operating system, file system, directory list, software, libraries, services, etc.
    Each VPS user has also specific RAM, CPU, and other hardware usage limit, depending on the package and configuration of the service plan.

  • How is VPS different than Shared hosting?

    Shared hosting is a little more restricted in some areas compared to the VPS. VPS users have root access to server, they can start/stop/restart services, install any software, any service, any version and modify entire server configuration (on Private JVM users can modify Tomcat configuration but not the node server configuration). On VPS you can host as many domains as can be handled by your plan while on Shared hosting it's one domain per account. Shared hosting on the other hand is a great solution for those that do not wish to handle their own server installation, configuration or management and want to have key-in-the-hand, everything setup and ready to use. Shared hosting also comes with free professional control panel Ensim ProX while VPS can still install Open Source Webmin panel.

  • Can I setup a VPS account without a domain?

    No, you don't need a domain name when you're setting up a VPS account. In the order form in place od a domain name just put 'not needed' and we'll set up the account without it.

  • How many domains can I host on any VPS plan?

    There is no limit for how many domains you can host on your VPS. VPS is your server, you can host anything you want on it (as long as it's legal).

  • Do you support subdomains and how many?

    Subdomains are supported you can have up to 500 depending on your plan.

  • Can I have a mail server on my VPS?

    Yes you can run any service you wish including mail server on your VPS (you'd need to handle the installation).

  • I have several domains, do I need to submit all of them in the order?

    No, just supply one domain in the order form.

  • Can I copy files from my old VPS server to your VPS server?

    You can use "scp" for transferring files between servers. If you don't know how to use scp , read the manual: man scp

  • Is Java installed on my VPS?

    Yes, java is installed on the VPS.

  • Can my VPS have more than one IP address?

    Yes, you can order additional unique IP addresses for $5/month each.

  • Does the VPS support multiple SSL certificates?

    Yes it does. SSL requires unique IP address. So in order to have multiple SSL certificate, you will need an additional unique IP address.

  • Can I have control panel installed on my VPS and how much does it cost?

    Open source control panel Webmin can be installed on your VPS free of charge. You can also install CPanel, Ensim, Plesk for additional $20/mo licence fee.

  • What type of security measures do you take to protect our VPS server?

    We constantly monitor our node server, and constantly update our intrusion protection software. At the terms of our node server, your VPS is very secured, but you need to take security measures for your VPS at your own, as we don't do security checkups on your VPS and we don't update or do anything with the software you installed.

  • How do I install custom applications?

    You can use package manager "yum".
    yum install package - to install new package
    yum search string - to search for a package
    man yum - for more information on yum

  • Can I have swap enabled, because my application requires it?

    No, swap space cannot be enabled on VPS. We give pure RAM memory to our users. If your application requires SWAP for some reason to be present, we can arrange a mimic swap to be 'present' for your application to work.

  • How can I calculate how much memory does my VPS server need?

    You can calculating it by knowing, which services you would like to run on your VPS and adding up their RAM requirements. Below is the memory requirements chart.
    After you've added those make sure you leave some room for your website traffic and application requirements.

    Service RAM usage
    System 5 MB
    Apache Web Server 10 MB (minimum)
    MySQL server 27 MB (minimum)
    Mail services 10 MB (SMTP, IMAP, POP3)
    Tomcat 4 190 MB (minimum)
    Tomcat 5 173 MB (minimum)
    Tomcat 6 175 MB (minimum)
    JBoss 4.x 271 MB (minimum)
    JBoss 5.x 590 MB (minimum)
    Apache Geronimo 271 MB (minimum)
    GlassFish v2ur1 525 MB (minimum)
    Webmin control panel 5 MB (minimum)
    CPanel control panel 512 MB (minimum)
    Ensim control panel 512 MB (minimum)
  • Can I upgrade to some advanced plan, do my applications stay on the server, and how much does it cost?

    Yes you can upgrade to another plan. Your applications will stay intact we'll just upgrade the RAM/disc/bandwidth allowances. All upgrades/downgrades are free.

  • Can I upgrade from your shared hosting to a VPS server?

    Yes, it is possible to upgrade from shared hosting to the VPS server. To upgrade from your shared server to a VPS server, you should submit a new order, choosing the VPS configuration you would like to have, and send us a support ticket that you are transferring and closing the shared account. We will then transfer all your files backup to your VPS file system and give you a grace period of a few days to setup your VPS before we disable your shared account.



  • Will I be able to check my emails when I am away from my home/office computer?

    Yes, all our accounts have a web mail option. What this means is that you can log on to the internet (to the address we will give you once you sign up - www.yourdomain.com/webmail/ ) and check your mail from any computer that has internet access. This feature is very handy if you travel allot, work from different computers thus you can check your email from ANY computer and you don't need to stay tied to your Outlook Express or other email client.

  • What is the size of the email boxes?

    You set your own email box size limit as long as the total size of your email box (and all other site features) doesn't exceed the total space limits of your account/plan.

  • Do you support Java Mail?

    Yes we do. See the example of how to setup Java Mail.


  • What do I need to do in order to transfer my web site from my current hosting provider to you?

    All you will need to do is update your DNS records into the following.
    Primary DNS : remus.eroute.net /
    Secondary DNS: jupiter.eroute.net /
    For more detailed information and step-by-step instructions on transferring your site from your current host click here

  • How do I update (change) my DNS records?
  • I want to transfer my web site from my current hosting provider to you. To do this will I also need to transfer my domain name?
  • What are your domain name servers (DNS)?
  • Can you register a domain name for me? What domain extensions can you register?

    Yes we can register following domain extensions .com .biz .org .net .info .us .co.uk .me.uk .org.uk .co.nz .net.nz
    The cost of domain registration is $10.00/year ($30USD for .nz domains)
    Minimum registration period for .uk domains is 2 years.
    To register a domain name simply fill out our hosting order form and choose the domain registration option.

  • Do I need to have a registered domain name to have a web site with you?


Plans / Accounts

  • Are your hosting plans upgradeable? What's the procedure?

    You can upgrade your plan at any point and there is no charge!
    The upgrade procedure is very simple. Simply send us a support ticket requesting the upgrade and your account will be upgraded within 4h.

  • Can I upgrade from Shared or Private JVM Plans to a VPS plan?

    Yes, it is possible to upgrade from shared hosting to the VPS server. To upgrade from your shared server to a VPS server, you should submit a new order, choosing the VPS configuration you would like to have, and send us a support ticket that you are transferring and closing the shared account. We will then transfer all your files backup to your VPS file system and give you a grace period of a few days to setup your VPS before we disable your shared account.

  • What happens when I exceed my bandwidth allowance?
  • Is there a way to monitor my bandwidth so I know how much I'm using?

    Yes, you can monitor your bandwidth through the web site stats that are included in each plan or through your control panel (www.yourdomain.com/admin).

  • I have an Ecommerce web site. Which hosting plan does that go under?
  • Can you host international (country specific) domain names?
  • Will you place any flashing banners or ads on my site?
  • What control panel is offered with your hosting packages?

    On our VPS plans you can install Open Source control panel Webmin or for additional $20/mo you can have Ensim, Cpanel or Plesk.

  • How do I create and maintain MySQL database?
  • Is my Macintosh computer compatible with your hosting plan?
  • Do you maintain my web site or will I have to do that?