JSP Zone has been specializing in Java web hosting for 8+ years.

With 3500+ Java developers trusting us with their applications you can be sure you're choosing an experienced support team with the skills in a highly specialized Java hosting field.

UK & US based Servers. Our JSP hosting solutions support Tomcat 7, 6 ,5, 4; JBoss 6, 5, 4; GlassFish 3, 2; Apache Geronimo 3, 2 and other popular Java application servers.

Hosted on by far the best processors for Java app's you know you're getting the very best Java hosting solution money can buy.

All orders processed within 4 hours!

  • VPS Server w. root
  • Tomcat 4, 5, 6 and 7
  • Install ANY Tomcat app
  • Quick installation with RPMs



  • JBoss on VPS
  • JBoss v6, 5 or 4
  • Quick installs with RPMs
  • 8+ Years in JBoss Hosting



  • GlassFish on VPS
  • Quick installs with RPMs
  • GlassFish v.3 & 2
  • Hosted on Intel processors



  • Apache Geronimo on VPS
  • Quick installs with RPMs
  • Geronimo v3 & 2
  • Money Back Guarantee



JSPzone.net Java hosting

JSP Hosting

2 different platform to host your JSP pages. VPS server is a great Java hosting solution for those wanting full control and root access and fully managed Dedicated Servers for high end Java app hosting. UK & US server options available for both VPS and dedicated

JBoss Hosting

J2EE JBoss hosting services with JSPzone are the standard for developing portable, robust, scalable and secure server-side Java applications. Currently JSPzone offers JBoss 4, JBoss 5 or JBoss 6.

Tomcat Hosting

Tomcat 7 is available now only on VPS server. Tomcat 6 & Tomcat 5 hosting is offered on Private JVM (hosted on shared server) and VPS (hosted on virtual dedicated server). Tomcat 4 is offered on Private JVM and VPS.

VPS Servers in UK & US

Affordable Linux VPS server plans with full root & SSH access. Includes RPM packages (one-line-installation) for Tomcat 7/6/5/4, JBoss, GlassFish & Geronimo. Choose your own distro from Fedora, CentOS, Debian or Ubuntu.

Fully Managed Dedicated Servers (UK or US based)

We have hand-selected the best performance <> price servers for J2EE hosting starting from just $171 USD/month.
Browse Dedicated server pricing and specs »